Black Tech Street

Workforce Support

Black Tech Street will collaborate with workforce and education partners from across the Tulsa tech ecosystem to directly support students and propel them into tech careers through education, work experiences, and community building. Black Tech Street will also elevate and build the capacity of local workforce development organizations, drawing upon learnings from programs in the equity, tech, and youth wellbeing spaces.

To get more Black students across Tulsa trained with skills for tech professions, we will focus on three main objectives:

1. Raise the capacity of existing educational programming to help students build the tech and entrepreneurial skills of tomorrow, and help them land tech jobs in and out of Tulsa.

2. Increase the knowledge and capacity of Black Main Street entrepreneurs to be able to utilize innovative technologies to improve their businesses.

3. Attract Black tech workers, employers and entrepreneurs to Tulsa.

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Black Tech Street


Supporting Black-owned businesses that makes an impact in Tulsa and beyond

Black Tech Street


Building spaces that matter and lasting infrastructure that enables intergenerational wealth creation

Rebirthing Black Wall Street as
the New Global Capital of Black Tech

Black Tech Street is building a tech hub of Black entrepreneurs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which will be ground zero for a movement and mindset shift that see’s Black people everywhere embrace Tech as a means to build wealth and positively impact the world.


100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Centennial Coin will go to Black Tech Street to fund the development of on-the-ground programming aimed at securing the next 100 years of innovation and success for Black entrepreneurs. Funding will be directed to the five strategic pillars, outlined below.

The buyer of the Coin will receive a tax receipt from SecondMuse Foundation for the full value of the purchase.


Thanks to the power of blockchain and smart contracts, all subsequent sales of the Centennial Coin on the secondary market will charge a royalty of 20% of the sale price. All of that royalty will go to Black Tech Street helping continue to fund its programming and ensuring perpetual, sustainable and regenerative funding now and into the future.

The buyer of the Coin will receive a tax receipt for the 20% royalty that is a donation and the seller will receive the value of the sale price, offsetting some (or all) of their initial donation.

Black Tech Street Strategic Pillars

Entrepreneur Support.
Building a Black-owned business that makes an impact

Entrepreneurship is a powerful economic growth tool for local economies — and we want to see more Black entrepreneurs thrive. Ever wondered why only 4% of Black owned businesses survive past the startup stage? This is largely due to the lack of loans, resources, and support for Black entrepreneurs. Black Tech Street will provide direct support to cohorts of entrepreneurs, as well as work closely with existing entrepreneur support organizations to surround these entrepreneurs with the experts and resources they need to successfully enter and scale in the market.

Culture, Narrative & Communications.
Narratives are the code to humanity’s operating system

The vision for Black Tech Street is rooted in the powerful history of Black Wall Street and what could have existed in Tulsa had it not been destroyed by the 1921 Race Massacre. The story of the Massacre is important, but the story of what Black Wall Street was and what it can inspire today is even more important, especially when there are very few stories of Black entrepreneurs in mainstream media even though there are more than 2 million Black-owned businesses in the country. We will showcase emerging and established Black entrepreneurs through meaningful events and experiences that champion Black entrepreneurs building a Black tech economy.

Bringing partners together to catalyze investment and impact

Capital is a critical resource to an entrepreneur’s success. And yet, of the estimated $136.5 billion in venture funding that went to tech startups in 2019, Black-founded companies received just 1%. Black Tech Street will mobilize capital tailored to the unique needs of different types of entrepreneurs, working closely with Tulsa-based, regional and national venture funds to increase the representation of Black founders in the venture capital industry, support our entrepreneurs who are raising capital, and explore alternative funding sources that are better aligned with our founders’ visions for the growth of their companies.

Building spaces that matter

From buses to co-working spaces, institutional racism deeply impacts the Black community. As we build a Black tech economy, we will need to create access to transportation, communications, connectivity, inclusive spaces and a number of other infrastructure-related resources to enable a Black founder's ability to start and grow their businesses. BTS will be a home for Tulsa’s Black entrepreneurial community, and serve a critical role in convening, accelerating and sustaining these communities.

Creating capacity and agency among emerging entrepreneurs across Tulsa

Workforce development programs should develop capacity to meet the needs of Tulsa’s future industries. And yet, Black students attain computer science degrees at lower rates than our peers. BTS will help provide access to high quality education with links to experiential opportunities to help increase Black representation in the tech workforce.

This is a new economy.

In order to be truly equitable, economies must be inclusive. And we believe this means the architecture, structure, and decision-makers of this economy must be inclusive from its very creation.

More than a century ago,

Tulsa’s Greenwood community was founded on the idea that economies can, and should, work for all. O.W. Gurley and J.B. Stradford, Greenwood’s visionary Black founders, partnered to design what came to be known as “Black Wall Street” – a community in which Black entrepreneurs could start and grow businesses, build wealth and opportunities and pass down legacies of hard work and prosperity to their children.

The remnants of this success, however, have been all but erased. The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921 not only destroyed lives, businesses and homes, but also generations of wealth for Black Tulsan families.


Black Tech Street aims to facilitate $1 billion of investment in the Black Tulsa Economy over 10 years by facilitating entrepreneur support programming that will create a tightly knit, collaborative community of Black entrepreneurs and professionals. BTS will help build support networks that foster community, which is crucial for all entrepreneurs, especially for relocated entrepreneurs and professionals attempting to make Tulsa their home.

Our aspiration is for Tulsa’s Black Innovation Economy — an economy designed by, and for, Black entrepreneurs — to be known globally as “Black Tech Street,” and as a center of inclusive economic opportunities for Black entrepreneurs and businesses.

Tyrce Billingsley II

Tyrce Billingsley II, CEO + Founder

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