Blockchange is a social innovation platform that combines crytpo currency, NFT’s and gamification, while leveraging tax policy, to create an efficient, transparent and regenerative charitable donation ecosystem.

Our Mission

To create regenerative fundraising for world-changing causes by building an inclusive and self-sustaining economy that benefits everyone through tokenization.

Our Vision

A future that connects decentralized digital finance with real-world causes through innovative technology that creates more meaningful experiences where everyone wins.

Sourced from a New Economy

Online giving only represents 13% of all charitable contributions in the U.S. It’s about time that charities are able to access the fastest-growing source of capital in the world, the cryptocurrency market.

Permanently Imprinted Impact

Blockchange works with charities to mint NFTs, leveraging immutable smart contracts, ensuring the donation is made to the charity and the donor receives the tax benefit.

Donations that Grow Like Annuities

Even more exciting is the ability for the NFTs to be resold on the secondary market in a way that continues to pay dividends to the charity and provide tax benefits to each successive donor. This is what perpetual, sustainable, regenerative funding looks like.

Fund the Jobs to be Done

NFTs can be used to fund specific, real-world initiatives and assets. This allows a donor to directly fund everything from the roof of a building to a guitar for a student.

We Want To
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If you are a registered charity with a world-changing cause, we want to hear from you. We will work with you to find the best use of NFTs for your organization, partner to create and mint the NFTs and run the auction to achieve your fundraising goals.

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