Blockchange works with charities to create digital assets and gamified experiences that reach new audiences, deliver greater transparency and sustainable, regenerative fundraising.

Disrupting Charitable
Giving for Good

We believe in the power of creative disruption to make markets more efficient and deliver better outcomes, so we are leveraging the power of Web 3, blockchain, tokenization and gaming to innovate charitable giving.

Improved Fundraising Efficiency

With a take rate of no more than 20% and no additional charges or fees, charities can assure donors that between 80% and 90% of every dollar donated will go directly to the cause they want to support.

Greater Transparency & Accountability

Blockchain technology allows for a public immutable record of all charitable transactions, giving donors a permanent record of their contribution and making it simple to provide tax receipts and audit reports.

Access to New and Expanding Markets

Blockchange helps charities engage new audiences and markets:

  • ● The crypto market is approx. $2 trillion
  • ● The NFT market is approx. $767 billion
  • ● The gaming market is approx. $480 billion

Passive Income with Regenerative Funding

Not only do charity partners raise funds from the initial campaign launches of NFTs, but the power of smart contracts enables access to the secondary market (roughly 6X the primary market), which can generate funding for years to come.

Digital Transformation with Zero Risk

As new financial systems and tech rapidly take shape, charities need to be an early partner to tell their story ensure their mission’s longevity. And since Blockchange only gets paid when we succeed, charities can make this transition and reap the rewards, with no risk.

We Want To
Learn About
Your Cause.

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If you are a registered charity with a world-changing cause, we want to hear from you. We will work with you to find the best use of NFTs for your organization, partner to create and mint the NFTs and run the auction to achieve your fundraising goals.

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